Coping with losing a child

Welcome to our page for those of you who have been through the pain of losing a child. We hope you find some comfort, information that is right for you and the support you need whenever you are ready to reach out. We feature video stories and articles from other families who have lost a child, both at a young age and in adulthood and we share initiatives from the professionals who support them.

Please know that you are not alone in your grief, we all want to be able to help you find the support you need, so please look at the specialist organisations we have listed below. You will also find support organisations near you on our UK Map.

Visit these pages for important information which may help now.

What to do when someone dies, Funerals, Things to Consider

Camilla: losing my son Rex to sudden death

Camilla, Co-Founder SUDCUK talks about losing her little boy Rex at 2 years old

Tony: how my wife and I coped with losing Neil to cancer

Tony talks about the day his world changed after losing his 34 year old son Neil

Rhian discusses losing her son and husband both within 5 days of each other

Rhian discusses the lack of bereavement support following the death of her one year old son George and following the suicide of her husband 5 days later