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Coping with losing a child

A poem by Donna Ashworth

by Donna Ashworth

January 12, 2017

When you have lost someone you love

Do not make the mistake of living in sadness, or living small to honour their absence.

You owe it to them to live even more vividly than before.

If they could reach you, they would surely say..

“Take the love you had for me and turn it into gladness, 
use the love you had for me to drive away the sadness.”

Love is an energy, so powerful, so all-consuming that when the person you felt all that love for is not here, you are a vessel filled with a boundless source of power that has nowhere to go.

Harness it.

Use it to burn even more brightly and live even more loudly than before.

Share the love you felt for that person with all the other special people in your life, for it is limitless. There is no end to it and there never, ever should be.

If they could reach you they would surely say…

“Make my time on earth count loudly, so I’ve not lived in vain. 
Use the love we shared to make more love and not more pain.”

If you are struggling to move on, to find the way to carry on. Without them.

This is it.

Use the love.

Carry them with you in all that you do, using their love as the source.

It is what they would want.

Tell their stories, mention their name, feel their love – and share it.

Do not let the pain of their loss overshadow the love that they created whilst alive.

Make them count.

Remember, grief is the price you pay for a love divine. The stronger the love, the deeper the grief but love, love will always win in the end.

©LPIO 2017