For those moving forward

Welcome to our page for those of you who feel ready to move forward with your lives. You will find stories from those who have lost someone they love, but feel the want to find a way of finding new love, a new life and purpose.

We hope that these films will perhaps give you some ideas about what has helped others at this stage in their grief, which you may find interesting and may help you to consider what next step you are ready to take. There are organisations listed here to signpost you to sites which we hope will offer services that are useful to you.

Visit our Well Being page for advice and thoughts on taking care of yourself, so you can feel ready for whatever the future brings.

Please join our Moving Forward Virtual Cafes, running every Sunday evening from 6-7pm. These regular meet ups are for those a little less raw in their grief and are hosted by our bereaved volunteers, offering a regular social gathering. Email to register.

Five years after the death of his wife, Martin talks about helping his children deal with their loss and the very personal approach everyone will have in dealing with their grief
Zoe talks about how she found a way forward after losing her partner Liz to cancer, through her work as an artist
Rupert talks very candidly about finding love again after the death of his wife. He has evolved, from his grief, to be given a second chance at happiness.
Pernille talks about slowly finding meaning in her life again after the death of her fiance. She is gradually finding things that interest her again, and moving forward with renewed enjoyment
Three years after the death of her best friend Kirsty talks about the healing effects of time, how now she can talk about her, look at photos and laugh at memories.
Holly explains how her friends and family and work colleagues helped her after losing her husband David

Holly explains what helped her move forward with her life