For family and friends

Welcome to our page for supporting family and friends of those who are grieving. We have spoken to the bereaved for their guidance on what did and didn't help after the death of their loved one.

Relatives and friends often feel afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing at such a difficult time, but the simple act of being there is never more important at this time to ensure they feel loved and supported on their difficult journey ahead.

Julia Samuel offers reassuring advice to those supporting bereaved loved ones. She emphasises the importance of being there, talking and listening as well as offering practical assistance. Although the pain of grief will not disappear, the right support can help the bereaved have time to grieve and help them on their journey to a new life
Fiona Murphy reminds those supporting bereaved loved ones of the importance of "being there". We must acknowledge how each person has to follow their own grief journey which cannot be fixed immediately. Friends and family need to guide and protect the bereaved person on that journey to allow them emerge on the other side
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