Pre bereavement advice

We understand that those of you who are facing a life limiting illness may want to consider your options for end of life care.

The Anne Robson Trust

Everyone should have the comfort and companionship they wish for as they die, and support to prepare for the end of their life.

Telephone support for anyone facing the end of their life, and for their family, friends, colleagues and carers.

Call us and leave a message. Let us know how you’d like us to contact you – text, email or phone, and we’ll get in touch to provide support.

CALL 0808 801 0688 anytime. Its free and confidential.

You will find links to tailored support below. Our UK Map  will signpost you to local, regional and national support organisations.

Please take a look at our Things to Consider page.  We know how upsetting it can be if you do not know what choices are available to you, which can sometimes leave you with the burden of unnecessary guilt and regret. 

Dr Kate Granger talks about living with a rare and agressive form of cancer, a sarcoma, with a terminal diagnosis. She and her husband Chris discuss their plans for her last days, funeral and his future alone. Kate sadly died in 2016, but her campaign #hellomynameis has made over 1.7 billion impressions since its inception with an average of 6 tweets an hour.

Julia Samuel talks about the taboos surrounding death, and how acknowledging and facing death makes it less frightening. We engage with the value of life more fully if we prepare for it's inevitable end.
Greg Wise talks about the concept of a "good death", and talking about the end of our lives to take way the fear, and our denial of the inevitable.
This video highlights the importance of talking about end of life issues, from resuscitation to funeral wishes. We must say what we do, and don't want.
Benson discusses the comfort of talking about the end of life with his family, the importance of being free and open about his wishes when he dies
Sharon encourages us to make sure people know our wishes in intricate detail to relieve our loved ones of the burden of making decisions in our final days
We start to die as soon as we are born and Peter talks about the importance of detailed preparation, both for death and loss of the capacity to make decisions about his care.


PLANNING AHEAD: Information to help you think and talk about how you wish to be cared for in the final months of your life.

UNDERSTANDING DEATH AND DYING: What happens when someone starts to die, and how end of life care is provided.

TALKING ABOUT DEATH AND DYING: What to say, how to say it and where to find help­­­­.


Dying Matters is a campaign run by the charity, Hospice UK. We work with organisations, decision makers and the public to make things better for people who are dying or grieving.

Right now we don’t have the right language to talk about death. And this means that not everyone gets the support that suits them as they approach the end of life. We want to see a world where people live well until the very end.

Dying Matters and Hospice UK website




Practical and emotional issues explained, including money, health and well being. Information about how to support someone with a terminal illness and how to take care of yourself.

Easy read booklets use simple words and pictures to help you understand the information. Visit the Marie Curie website to download publications;

Marie Curie

CALL 0800 090 2309 for support - Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm Sat 11am-5pm 


We would encourage you to try and open up conversations around end of life and bereavement.

Being prepared and having honest discussions with family and friends can often alleviate many of the anxieties associated with the unknown.


We urge you to consider thinking about recording messages from a mobile phone, or transferring and/or printing photos from a device before someone you love dies. 

We have had many comments from the bereaved, to say how devastating it can be to find out that weeks after you lose someone you love, their voices have been erased from phones and precious photos are lost.

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