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Please help us with a donation towards our work during these challenging times. Our funding has been drastically cut due to events being cancelled.

It is VITAL that we ensure anyone bereaved during this crisis is signposted to a choice of IMMEDIATE support for their grief.

There are many ways you can donate to The Good Grief Trust.  Help us to ensure that everyone who is bereaved anywhere in the country is able to find our national database to access support organisations wherever they live and whoever they have lost, and to try and make the difficult times a little more bearable. 

Please help us, we appreciate every penny.

Please watch this short film, it explains why we need your donation

Our national projects will need significant funding to launch new pilots and drive our initiatives.

Over 600,000 people die in the UK every year, leaving many more people grieving and needing support. Your funds will help to;

  • ensure our national database of bereavement support services is kept regularly up to date, with new organisations across the country
  • develop and distribute our 'Good Grief Condolence and Signposting Card' to every person who is bereaved in the UK, via all GP's, hospitals, hospices, front line community services, police, funeral directors, registrars, care homes, clergy and so on.
  • facilitate nationwide conferences and events to ensure that all professionals are aware of our website and the services it provides the bereaved
  • organise community events for the bereaved, across the UK, to bring those who have suffered a similar loss together to support each other
  • respond to daily queries on our site and all social media platforms, to assist the bereaved in finding the targeted support when and where they need it
  • research and record stories from those who have lost someone close across the UK and the professionals who support them
  • enable our work to continue on a day to day basis and help all those who need support wherever they live 


Please help us raise funds with a donation to our online fundraising page. This is the easiest and simplest way to send funds, it only takes a minute or two.

Thank you! 

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When you buy anything through this site, the retailer donates a percentage to us

A real WIN WIN situation for our charity

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Supporting us through a regular gift is the most effective way for us to plan for the future and guarantee that we can be there for anyone affected by grief, at any time

Please email us to learn how to set up a regular donation; 


If you've been affected by the loss of a loved one, giving in their memory is a way to celebrate their life and ensure that others who lose a relative, or a friend can access support at a challenging time.  You can hold a collection at their funeral, create a Tribute Fund, or take part in an event on our behalf.

Please get in touch if you are interested in donating;



Do you work in an organisation who may be willing to help us with a donation, or would be willing to sponsor us as their nominated charity?

Your company can work with a new dynamic, collaborative charity whose aim is to bring together bereavement support services across the UK.  By working with The Good Grief Trust, your company can ensure that nobody feels alone or isolated after the death of a loved one and challenge everyone to break the taboos surrounding bereavement.

Your company can provide us with invaluable help to spread the word about the Trust, to your networks and in so doing demonstrate your commitment to your staff, customers and local community about supporting people when they are affected by grief and to encourage us all to speak more openly about bereavement.

In return, The Good Grief Trust can offer bespoke sponsorship packages, team building experiences and creative campaigns to help you achieve your company's goals and align with your values.

Get in touch with our Partnership Team to discuss sponsorship opportunities which will enhance your company's corporate social responsibility efforts, reputation with stakeholders and demonstrate a commitments to breaking the taboos for everyone across the country.

Thank you to Kinleigh Folkhard and Haywood and Robert Holmes, just two of our generous corporate sponsors

Please do get in touch if you think you can help 


Would your school be willing to choose The Good Grief Trust as their nominated Charity of the Term/Year?

Huge thanks to everyone at The Hurlingham School for choosing us one of your charity's to support this year

Please let us know


If you are a Trustee or have links to Charitable Trusts, Foundations, or other voluntary funding bodies, please get in touch 


Sharing our social media links will not only help raise the Charity’s awareness but will also provide support and strength to those who need it. 

Please LIKE our pages and SHARE our posts - it will help us reach all those who are grieving and looking for help and support 

Visit our Facebook: page - full of inspirational articles, thought and posts from both the bereaved and the professionals working with those who have suffered a loss





By giving to The Good Grief Trust with a donation in your will, you will help us ensure that your loved ones are supported after you have gone

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Please come along and join us soon!

Our events are always great fun and you can meet others who are bereaved, and join a team of fantastic, dedicated and kind people who are all passionate about helping those who have lost someone they love to find the right support wherever they live in the UK.

Email us if you'd like to join in one of our upcoming events


Do you think you could organise an event with work colleagues, or friends and family on our behalf?

Whatever you choose to do for us, we are very grateful, so good luck! We can't wait to hear all about it!

  • Host an event - hold a coffee morning, cake sale or craft fair, selling unwanted clothes and gifts
  • Challenge yourself to that 10k, Marathon, Mountain Climb....organise an event and ask for sponsorship
  • Anything goes! so anything can help us grow!
  • If you have an idea which you think could raise money for us then go for it!

Email us for more information 



Thank you for visiting our site. Please help us with a donation towards our work during these challenging times.

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