Welcome to our Well-Being page, where you will find healing stories and tips on books and poetry, aimed to support you, and help you find alternative ways of coping with your grief.  When you go through a life altering event, remembering to look after your  self-care and well-being can fall to the wayside. It is through creating the space to nurture & soothe yourself  that the courage and resilience that resides within us can flourish and grow. 

Lee Pycroft

Internationally renowned make up artist, life coach and founder of MYMakeover intiative, Lee talks about how living in the moment and getting out into our natural surroundings can help us when we have been through trauma and loss

Greg Wise

Greg, actor and author of 'Not that Kind of Love' talks about how writing his book helped him after losing his sister to cancer


Losing her mum was incredibly difficult for Debbie, so she explains here how she used yoga to help her cope


Jane talks about how talking to a therapist helped her come to terms with feelings of guilt after the death of her father.


She talks about the importance of writing a blog to share her feelings after the death of her fiance Jamie when she was 26 years old.


How getting out in the fresh air and exercise helped her find clarity after losing her parents