Things I wish I had known – the physical symptoms of grief

  • Please look at these websites for advice and information on recognising the physical symptoms of grief.
  • Marie Curie

  • Our bodies react to our feelings and it’s common for grief to produce physical symptoms. Even simple, everyday things like getting up in the morning, going to school, college or work, or talking to friends may be a huge effort.
  • BBC News

  • Murdered soldier Lee Rigby's mother says she has felt daily chest pains since her son's death. Why does bereavement affect some people this way?
  • Macmillan 

  • What's Your Grief

  • These are a few comments on our Facebook page from others who have been bereaved........................

  • "So nice to see an article about this. Like everything else about grief, nobody warns you or talks about these symptoms. After my moms horrific death, I didn't sleep for months, had horrible nightmares when I did, had the heart palpitations, and the stress had me breaking out in hives, then shingles (which I'd never had before). All of this on top of excruciating mental pain. Without my husbands support, I am 100% sure I wouldn't have made it out alive. Thank you for addressing this topic!"
  • "Oh yes. So many side effects to crippling grief. When I lost my partner I barely slept for a year, I became nocturnal going to bed at 4am and sleeping til 1pm, and then I'd have to go back to bed by 4pm for a nap I was so exhausted. Everything ached, my head and shoulders were constantly in pain from crying and stress. My skin and hair went to pot and hair still falls out now. It's the worst experience that will ever happen to me so I'm not surprised the side effects were so extreme"
  • "Heart palpitations, fatigue, sleep problems, high blood pressure all after our son was killed suddenly in a workplace I incident at 33"
  • "Brain fog, eczema, insomnia, weight gain, depression and I feel empty. My Mum died in June 2016 & my Dad 5 weeks later of a broken heart"
  • "Anxiety / panic attacks, exhaustion, weight loss, loss of appetite, widows brain, heightened PMS symptoms"
  • "I developed chronic pain syndrome after crippling grief. This has been with me for the past 18 years"
  • "And my tongue developed something called geographic tongue. It annihilates taste and it looks awful"

If you do have any concerns regarding new physical symptoms, please make sure you visit your GP.


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